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Life Lessons Horses Have Taught Me Over the Years


Life Lessons Horses Have Taught Me Over The Years


                                         Life Lessons Taught By Horses Over The Years


Over the many years (almost 40 years now) of being involved with horses, I have learned so much from them.  I have learned how to ride and train another living being, as well as how to care for another living creature.  But, the horses have taught me so much more, which can be used in my daily life and business.


So, what is it that these four legged teachers have taught me over the years?  Let me list them for you.  Ready?  Here goes . . . .


1.  Patience.  Patience is used many times (or at least should be) in our lives.  It allows us to respond in a calm and relaxed manner, without frustrations and loss of temper.


Horses calmly and relaxed grazing in the pasture2.  Serenity.  Calmness and relaxation allows us to attain inner-harmony.  It helps us deal with obstacles and challenges along the way.


3.  Listening.  It is necessary to open our ears and listen to what others have to say in order to understand their needs and be able to assist them.


4.  Concentration and Focus.  It is necessary to concentrate and focus on what is being said in order to understand the other.  Paying attention and focusing on the subject on hand will help to tune in and be more accurate.


5.  Attitude.  This is a very important point.  Attitude dictates everything.  Having a negative attitude will bring negative results, where a positive attitude will help deal with the many challenges, bringing about positive results.  


6.  Decision making.  Indecisiveness means a lack of confidence.  It can be harmful or cause an accident when dealing with horses.  In order to progress, you must be confident.  Even if the decision may not have been the correct one, we can learn from it.


7.  Confrontation.  At some point, a problem will arise.  If ignored, they willHorses confronting each other and working it out become worse.  They will not stay the same nor get better.  Therefore, they must be analyzed and resolved to prevent any further damage.


8.  Communication.  This point tends to go hand in hand with listening.  Unfortunately, this seems to be lacking these days.  Communication must be clear and complete: question, answer, acknowlegement.  Communicating with others helps us understand their needs so that we are better able to help them.  Communication should be positive and not hurt another being.


9.  Responsibility.  In order to share successes, we must accept our obligations and be accountable.  We are responsible for our own accomplishments.


Horse and child trusting each other10. Trust.  If all parties are trusting of each other, they are able to work together as a team in harmony.  Therefore, much more will be accomplished than if trust were lacking.


11. Commitment.  Commitment does not produce success.  It does allow success to happen and to be able to move forward.


12. Forgiveness.  In order to be able to move forward, we must be able to forgive ourselves and others for unacceptable behavior.  Then forget about it.


13. Living in the Moment.  Horses are only concerned with the here and now.  What good does worrying about the future or what happened in the past.  Nothing can be done about the past and we most certainly cannot control the future.  What is in our power is the present.


14. Goals.  This is THE most important part.  We will roam about aimlessly without goals to strive towards.  Goal setting allows us to see what we are aiming for.  Long term and short term goals should be set to help us get to our final goal.


These are all points that I have learned from working and being with the horses.  All of these can be applied not only to being with the horses, but also in our daily and business lives.

Brigita McKelvie is a REALTOR®  (Pennsylvania License #RS297130) with Cindy Stys Equestrian & Country Properties, specializing in rural and horse properties and farms in Eastern Pennsylvania.  She has an e-Pro® (Certified Internet Expert) certification and a GRI (Graduate, REALTOR® Institute) designation.  

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